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Relationship Therapy, Relationship Counseling, Couples Therapy, Family Counseling

Any time you interact with someone more than once, you’re relating. We have love relationships, sexual relationships, work relationships, family relationships and business relationships. When you have relationship conflict, therapy, counseling and coaching can help. Our therapists apply psychological approaches based in cognitive behavioral therapy to help teach you what you need to design or repair relationships that work better for you. Unfortunately insurance does not reimburse you for relationship counseling, since they can not diagnose a relationship with a mental illness diagnosis.

Relationship Counselors, Couples Therapists, Family Counselors

Relationship counselors are clinically trained at the masters level in Psychology, mental health counseling or marriage and family therapy. Relationship therapists go on to post-graduate training and supervision before becoming licensed mental health counselors or licensed marriage and family therapists. Psychologists are not relationship therapists. Social workers are not relationship therapists. Relationship counselors do not prescribe medication. Relationship counselors do not use religion or pseudo-science to force you into any one relationship style. Our counselors are kink affirming, affirming of all sexualities and gender expression, poly affirming, queer identified or informed allies, and want you to build the foundation of lasting, connected relationships, regardless of the style that works best for you.

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Once each person in your relationship has met with the therapist for their individual intake sessions one on one, your therapist will usually invite you to follow up by scheduling a relationship therapy session. Please do not schedule here if you have not completed a one on one intake session.