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MyTherapist New York offers electronic scheduling for individual counseling & therapy sessions in Manhattan


Counseling Rates

Post Graduate Clinicians: from $75 to $145 per person per session

Licensed Clinicians: from $105 to $175 per person per sesion

Group Therapy (8 week closed group): $50 per person per session

Monthly Packages Available at discounted rate

Individual Counseling & Therapy (Psychotherapy) & Coaching

Counseling has many names for something that has one essential goal- to give you the tools you need to work towards being okay in your skin for the time you get to be on the planet. Psychotherapy helps you identify unhealthy, irrational and unhelpful thinking. The next step is to challenge and correct those thinking errors, and work towards going in a new direction that is more constructive, less unhealthy, and moving your closer toward your goals, and not further away.

Counselors, Therapists, Psychotherapists

Counselors, therapists or psychotherapists at MyTherapist New York are clinically trained at the post-graduate level in Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Mental Health Counseling. A psychologist is not a counselor. A social worker is not a counselor. Counselors do not prescribe medication. Our counselors are more focused on mental health than mental illness. There are hundreds of mental illness diagnoses voted on by psychiatrists and drug companies. Our therapists want to help you radically accept reality regardless of what identity, label or category has been put on your by yourself or others. Counselors in training are working towards honing the craft they were (hopefully) called to do under the guidance of their clinical supervisors, akin to residency or an apprenticeship.

MyTherapist New York: Schedule Individual Counseling & Therapy

Once you’ve met with your therapist for your initial intake, you’ll next schedule an individual counseling & therapy follow up session. We generally meet 45 minutes a week until you are showing progress from week to week.