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Things to Watch Out for On a First Date

When going on a first date, there are some other things you should be looking out for other than the usual things you like or dislike. One important red flag is when the other person displays a lack of emotional judgement. What does that look like? When the person over shares or gives a lot of personal information right off the bat. You are just getting to know each other and that needs to happen gradually. Some people think that telling it like it is or putting it all on the table first is being real and getting to the point quickly. However, this is a sign that this person has either been on too many dates and doesn't want to expend the energy needed to foster a relationship or lacks a social gauge. "This is me, take it or leave it" mentality also shows that compromising isn't on the menu.

Another red flag to look out for is if your date is unable to stay in the present. If they are constantly checking their phone or fidgety and having trouble focusing on one topic, that's a no go. Like being more concerned with photographing a social media worthy moment than actually enjoying the date. Similarly, if the person talks a lot about past relationships or jumps quickly to the potential future with you. It's a sign that it's difficult for them to stay focused and be in the moment. It might be a little confusing because you do want to learn about their past and having someone envision a future with you feels nice, but this ties back to the lack of emotional judgement for what is/isn't appropriate in the moment.

The experience in a first date is not the be all end all of getting to know someone. Unless it was a complete disaster, it’s worth giving the person another chance. Many couples report starting to like their partner as they got to know them rather than a “love at first sight” type of experience. Patience and time is a crucial part of developing relationships so don’t give up if the first date is a bust!