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If Your Parents Divorced, Does that Mean You Will Too?

We learn a lot of things from our parents- the good, the bad and the ugly. If your parents divorced, you are 1.2 times more likely to get divorced too as compared with people from non-divorced parents. But there is good news too- this rate has significantly reduced since the 70’s. It used to be that people of divorced parents were twice as likely to end in divorce themselves. There are a few speculations as to why the rate declined, all outlined in the article below.

Despite the higher chance that you will get divorced if your parents divorced, you have full agency over how you handle your marriage. Just like any other relationship in your life- friendships, family relationships etc., marriages take work and time. How much do you really know about your partner’s inner world and wounds? How conscious are you at identifying why you and your partner react the way you do? In couples counseling, we introspect about the each partner’s patterns, working slowly to build a mindful, conscious marriage. Your marriage does not have to end up in a divorce, even with witnessing bad examples throughout your life. It is a function of will, hard work and some deep digging. When love is involved, it is worth the effort.