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The 48th Date

The New York Times features a weekly column called Tiny Love Stories about short, intimate modern love tales in 100 words or less.

As a lonely gay man who seldom went to bars, gyms or theaters, I resorted to a gay matchmaker. I ate 47 meals with 47 men, none of them a match. Then I had a dinner with Steve, a man with whom I shared low compatibility on paper but high in person. During our 30 years together, we formalized our relationship with a Vermont civil union, a New Jersey domestic partnership, a Canadian same-sex marriage and, finally, legal marriage in the United States. We framed each certificate, creating a personal exhibit in the larger gallery of L.G.B.T.Q. human rights progress. — Lou Storey

Relationship therapy can help you find empowerment in the search for a partner or partners by employing evidence based therapeutic practices. Couples counseling can help you rekindle love and appreciation for your partner, creating a mindful, empathic relationship. Create your own tiny love story!