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Making Time For Intimacy in Your Relationship

We like to imagine that intimacy and sex just happen at the whim of our horniness, manifesting in an effortless experience. But we all know that this is not reality and this dawns on us more and more as we become adults, with families, responsibilities and jobs. Fitting in sex is now a more mindful task, requiring some planning and aligning schedules. This also means aligning libidos, which can take some work. Planning ahead doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds- it can give you and your partner(s) an opportunity to think ahead and get excited (which can also rev up your libido for impending intimacy). There can also be plenty of moments where you can fit in unplanned intimacy- taking a shower together at the end of the day (or the beginning) or cuddling on the couch, longer hugs and kisses etc. Your relationship deserves some TLC, no matter how you get there! Here is an article about how every day women fit sex into their daily lives.