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Moving the Relationship to the Next Level

With the spectrum of types of relationships widening, it's really tough to identify what kind of relationship you are in. Ready to move your friendship or “friends with benefits” into "real relationship" territory? Talk to each other! It's the best way to find out if your expectations align. It doesn't have to be a stuffy, serious conversation- it can happen during a great evening together or after a fun activity. It means intertwining each others' lives a bit more and deciding on the level of exclusivity you want. These days, a lot of communication is happening via text or social media. Make sure to speak face to face because it establishes that you want things to be different. In texts, you can be ignored, tone gets lost and the flow and timing of the conversation can dwindle. Plus, moving into a more serious relationship means spending more time with each other, so set the stage from the get go. 

What if your expectations don’t align? No reason to get upset- it’s good that you found this out now! Foster unconditional acceptance of the other person. You are both human beings who want different things and that’s okay. It might be disappointing, but you were able to have a conversation about it, which is important. The more practice you have talking about your wants and needs with a potential partner, the easier it’ll be to align expectations.